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  • Cecelia Guillen

Get to Know TPML

TPML has had the privilege of advising prestigious U.S. manufacturers and distributors in the international sourcing process.

What's so amazing about TPML?

In addition to our dedicated team, TPML offers you the most incredible experience to give your company a boost.

  • Modern & Intelligent approach, full of ideas.

  • Technology, knowledge, and agility of the people who move the business.

  • Ready to confront the challenges of the future

  • Stimulate productivity, and optimize costs.

  • Full-service sourcing and procurement.

  • Support and attention.

  • Access to experts

  • Provide high-touch project management and personalized sourcing service with on-site factory support.

We exceeds expectations, if you don't give it a chance, you'll never know what you're missing. And, this is just a a small part of us.

And we are well-prepared to help you.

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