• Nicholas Borgdorff

We had the opportunity last week to travel to Honduras to plan, build our network and work with our clients. We are fortunate to work closely with CODE Exitos, a company that helps entrepreneurs and innovators design, build and launch digital products. We're proud to work with them because they are intentional about the contribution they make to the world - they are a certified B corporation and you should check out their website.

Cecilia Guillen is our Business Development Manager and you can find her posted up in the CODE Exitos SparkSpace in San Pedro Sula. She is very excited about connecting TPML with new clients who are looking for sources for their products in Central America and Asia, or clients who are trying to diversify their supply chains.

Let us know how we can help you! As you can see from our posts, we are laying foundations around the world so that we can be a great partner for you!

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  • Nicholas Borgdorff

Another day in Vietnam seeking the best vendors for our clients. If we were just surfing the internet for you our team wouldn't be in a bovine traffic jam!

We commit to do what it takes to find the best solutions for you.

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  • Nicholas Borgdorff

Great to have the team back in Vietnam! We have developed great relationships and continue to build our network with each visit. This is a great place to do business and we really value the people that we have met here.

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